• In line with the FDA guidance emphasizing the need for rigorous imaging protocols in clinical trials, BanookCi offers a comprehensive range of medical imaging services... read more

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  • Many criteria are used in anticancer drug trials to assess tumor response and progression rate. BanookCi is continuously evaluating and improving its expertise in assessment criteria such ase ... read more

  • Banook Central Imaging offers a complete and integrated solution based upon a unique set of advanced technologies, to support Imaging Endpoints Assessment ... read more

About Banook Central Imaging

  • Banookci is a global clinical trials service organization, providing medical image management to academic centers as well as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.
  • We help our clients secure an expeditious marketing approval by providing objective, reliable and rigorous image acquisition, analysis and processing services in clinical trials that exceed scientific standards of excellence and regulatory requirements.

President Message

As the founder of Banookci, and after more than 13 years of active involvement in clinical research with Cardiabase, I am proud to offer a complete set of central imaging review services.
Dr. P. Voiriot

RECIST guidance

To learn more on how Banook ci apply RECIST and RECIST 1.1 in cancer trials...

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Imaging Metrics

Metrics and Performance management is part of our core activity ...

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ECG Central lab Services

We also provide cardiac safety and efficacy assessment through our affiliate Cardiabase...

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Equipment rental

We are leader on equipment rental through our affiliate Medica RS...

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Banookci is member of the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC)

mcc member

Banookci supports the development the definition of Imaging, ECG and clinical trial metrics through its participation … Read more